BEST - Development Background and Operation

Development Background and History of BEST

There are a number of challenges on HASP/ACLD (dynamic heat load calculation program) and HASP / ACSS (HVAC system simulation program) that were developed 30 years ago as annual energy simulation tools. As a result of seeking the solutions for those challenges with HASP/ ACLD/ACSS, as well as environmental issues, a more effective simulation tool, BEST, was started developing in 2005.
Followings are the main themes for the BEST development;

In March 2010, after a number of discussions let by Association of Building Services Engineers (JABMEE), the proposal to develop a new-generation of HASP/ACLD/ACSS program that meets the social needs was established. All of people including professors, researchers and developers who were involved in developing HASP related programs, as well as potential talented young developers and related organizations, would join this development process.

In June 2005, Institute of Building Environment and Energy Conservation (IBEC) took over the role of JABMEE. In order to minimize environmental impacts, the development for the tool to simulate comprehensive building energy consumption started in October 2005 with supports from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, Housing Bureau. The final guideline was published in March 2006. Based on the guideline, Planning and Development Board for the comprehensive building energy consumption simulation tool that can be used from design to operational phase was established and "The BEST program: BEST - Professional Method 0803" was published in March 2008.

BEST Consortium and Functionality

In May 2008, "BEST Consortium" which aims to the continuous development, operation and support, was established within IBEC. The organization consists of Planning and Development Board (chaired by Shuzo Murakami) Steering and Dissemination Board (Chairman Kazuaki Bougaki).

Under the control of the Planning and Development Board, the BEST-Professional Method Development Committee (chaired by Hisaya Ishino) who works on the enhancement and advancement of the Professional Method, the BEST-Support Committee who deals with users' questions and errors related to the operation of BEST, and the BEST-Administrative Tool Development Committee (Chair Sakamoto Yuzou) who develops the tools to help creating a plan and compliance form for energy conservation laws, have been established and run.

The Steering and Dissemination Committee WG holds BEST training workshops that include information on the latest developments for the members of the consortium in the nation. Through the website and magazine BEST provides information, recruits members and promotes BEST software around the world.

The activities of these committees helps to establish a training environment for young program developers, to retain funding for upgrading and maintaining the program and continuously to develop new effective program. This helps to sustain the environment to produce more user-friendly software for all disciplines such as researchers, mechanical engineers, construction administrators, maintenance administrators, architects, project managers, owners etc.

BEST Consortium Diagram

Figure -2 BEST Consortium Diagram