Energy Saving Plans

Supportive Tool for Creating Energy Saving Plan

Concept of supportive tool for creating energy saving plan

BEST is used to generate the complete compliance form for the energy saving regulations in Japan.

This supportive tool not only performs an accurate calculation of the annual energy consumption of building with minimum inputs, but also simulates the results that are equivalent to PAL and CEC.
Input data for this tool is automatically converted and used in BEST Professional Version. Any lacking inputs are replaced with as many defaults as possible in order to reduce the number of user's inputs.
The necessary inputs to perform simulation are as little as 50 items that include the basic project data, building, HVAC, electrical plumbing data etc.
Once you get used to this program, the entire simulation can be completed within 30 minutes.
The building shape is set to standard core-type plan. The materials for building envelope are chosen from selection menu. The building with an irregular shape, like circular and trapezoid however, needs to be adapted to regular shape by deformation.
For HVAC inputs, it is possible to simulate by selecting the type of heat source, like central or package system as well as by inputting the total system capacity.
In additions, there are tabs to input ventilation, lighting, elevators, domestic hot water, and premium efficient systems. These inputs are user friendly, and make possible to understand the improvements by simply changing each component.
The simulation outputs are not only the result that is equivalent to PAL/CEC, but also the compliance form and formatted energy saving plan.

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