CASBEE Accredited Professional

CASBEE is based on making assessments as quantitative as possible, but it includes assessment items that are qualitative in nature. As such, it requires a specialized engineer with expertise and knowledge in the comprehensive environmental performance evaluation of buildings. That is why the CASBEE Accredited Professional (CASBEE-AP) Registration System was established. Those aiming to become accredited professionals must attend the training course, pass the examination and complete registration. Currently, the assessor training course and examination are held only in Japan.

The advantages of successful registration as an accredited assessor are as follows:
  1. Demonstrating the ability to conduct accurate assessments in accordance with CASBEE
  2. When applying for the certification system, assessments conducted by a qualified assessor are required.
  3. When being entrusted by a third party to conduct CASBEE assessments as part of subcontracting work, an accredited professional should be involved in the assessments as specified in the assessor system outline.
  4. Regarding submitting assessment results to a local government, the trend of mandatory assessments by an accredited professional has been growing.
  5. The CASBEE assessment result is being requested in an increasing number of cases at the time of competition proposal and placing an order for design work, which reflects a growing need for accredited professionals.
There are three qualifications for a CASBEE Accredited Professional depending on the assessment tool the assessor is capable of using. Details of the individual assessor systems are described below.
All of the lecture courses and examination are run by IBEC. Currently, there are no English lecture courses and examination.

1) CASBEE Accredited Professional for Housing

CASBEE Accredited Professional for Housing covers CASBEE for New Detached Houses and CASBEE for Existing Detached Houses (for Existing Buildings). The qualification is necessary when evaluating a detached house in accordance with CASBEE. A qualified candidate for the examination should be one of the following: a first-class architect, a second-class architect or a registered architect for wooden buildings.

2) CASBEE Accredited Professional for Buildings

CASBEE Accredited Professional for Buildings covers tools presented in CASBEE for New Construction, CASBEE for Existing Buildings and CASBEE for Renovation including their abridged versions. This qualification is required when evaluating buildings other than detached houses in accordance with CASBEE. The qualified candidates for the examination should be first-class architects.

3) CASBEE Accredited Professional for Real Estate

The CASBEE Accredited Professional for Real Estate is a qualification required when conducting assessments in accordance with CASBEE for Real Estate. People who are involved in management/operation or appraisal of real estate are supposed to use CASBEE for Real Estate. Therefore, unlike assessors for housing and buildings, CASBEE for Real Estate has no eligibility requirements for the examination.
Process for successful registration:
Pass the examination after completing the CASBEE Accredited Professional for Real Estate course, and apply for registration. (Those who have already been registered as CASBEE Accredited Professionals for Buildings are exempt from the examination as an exception.)

Fig16. Cumulative numbers of CASBEE Accredited Professionals (as of March 2016)

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