CASBEE Family and tools

CASBEE is comprised of assessment tools tailored to different scales: construction (housing and buildings), urban (town development) and city management. These tools are collectively known as the CASBEE Family.

Tools for housing scale

1) CASBEE for New Detached Houses

This tool is used to assess the environmental performance of detached houses. The scoring criteria are simplified in anticipation of use by residents or small- and medium-sized building contractors.
CASBEE for New Detached Houses was developed in 2007. There are various stakeholders in the housing construction industry such as clients, architects, contractors, and builders. Therefore, "CASBEE for New Detached Houses" especially focuses on making its structure easy for users to understand. Among CASBEE tools, CASBEE for New Detached Houses was the first to introduce a new indicator of the five BEE ranks using the corresponding number of stars, in addition to the BEE chart. It includes 54 sub-criteria that have been modified from the other standards in Japan. These items for comprehensive assessment cover not only the house itself but also the outdoor space of the house, home appliances, information provided to the occupants from house suppliers, and the environmental strategies at the material production and construction stages.

2) CASBEE for Existing Detached Houses

This is a tool for the assessment of existing detached houses. It was developed to enable a resident, an architect, etc., to check the environmental performance of the house in which the resident is living, and to perform effective renovations.

3) CASBEE for Housing Units

This assessment tool is for a unit in an apartment building. It was developed as a tool that can be utilized when trading or renting a unit and by which the environmental performance of each unit of the apartment can be evaluated.

4) CASBEE for Housing Renovation Checklist

In Japan, there is a problem with aging housing with deteriorating performance. This checklist is a tool developed to encourage the renovation of such housing by conducting a simple evaluation and displaying the expected positive effects of renovation on performance such as earthquake resistance, energy efficiency and design universality. Use of this tool for renovation clarifies the issues to deal with for the improvement of environmental performance of residences, thereby making the renovation more effective and meaningful.

5) CASBEE Housing Health Checklist

CASBEE Housing Health Checklist is a type of software used to assess the health of residences. Answering 50 questions allows residents to identify the aspects of their home that affect their health. The health ranking is also available for comparing the result with 6,000 other houses across Japan.

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